Legacy web site content returns

Legacy web site content returns

March 17, 2014

by Steve Malone

When the new web pages were born many of our special pages didn't translate well into the new format.  Some of the material was converted and is now included in the current site but many pages containing historical documents, descriptions of earthquakes and other seismic events and various other special pages did not get moved.  We now have a main link page to all of these legacy documents.  A index to all of these is in the left-side menu called Legacy Web Pages.

I describe here some details about what they are, why and how they were obtained and some cautions about their use.  Classes of pages we now again have available but are just static pages in the old format include the following:

  • Formal annual, quarterly and technical reports of network operations:
    Starting in 1976 funding agencies required a formal report covering details of network operations and interesting or unusual seismic events.  Over the years these reports now provide the details of the PNSN history and accomplishments.  The reports in this section are a combination of PDF documents generated by scanning hard copy reports that were originally typed and photo-copied.  The quality of these is sometimes poor. After about 1995 computer files for many of the reports are available and  have been converted into either PDF or HTML format. Additional reports will be added to this archive as they are found and scanned.
  • News items relevant to seismic or network events in the Pacific Northwest
    Events or situtations that resulted in press releases or other special public information products were listed in the old web pages under "News".  These were a hodge-podge of items, most of which don't easily fit in our current web page.  Some items have extensive additional information and others are very simple.
  • Old Notable earthquakes
    We used to maintain a list of earthquakes that we considered to be "notable", either for their size or some unusual character that got public attention.  We sometimes produced "extra" web page information related to these events including special maps or time series.  These old pages will be linked to the relevant earthquake in our regular catalog under the "extra Information" tab as well as listed in this legacy page.
  • Old ETS Blogs
    A special web page was made for each of the northern Washington-southern Vancouver Island 14-month ETS events starting in 2003.  Those before 2012 are in the format of the old web pages. SInce then they are made part of the new system.
  • Example seismograms for unusual seismic events
    Many things that are not just regular earthquakes were included in our old web pages as special events or recordings.  Seismic records for such things as micro-earthquake swarms, avalanches, fireballs and explosions were saved and are now displayed here.  Since 2012 such events have shown up in our blog posts.