New PNSN tool - search our catalog!

New PNSN tool - search our catalog!

June 21, 2012

by John Vidale

 An alert browser, Jack, just noticed the latest feature of the PNSN web page, Custom Searches.  It is the third tab in the menu that opens by clicking Earthquakes in the left column.

For example, here's a search for big earthquakes.  One can select from our 150,000 events only the ones of interest - something even we couldn't do easily until recently.

which returns a list that can be made into a map or one can collect xml or other formats.  It is plain that western Oregon and Washington have been better shaken than farther east.

It will get easier to use over the coming weeks - selection of an area by a graphical interface, and single-click options for all time or the entire region or all types of events, for example.

Also, I see the pre-modern-PNSN 1700, 1872, 1949, and 1965 earthquakes are not yet entered, but they should be soon.  The undergraduates are diligently entering the catalog meticulously compiled by Ruth Ludwin and others over many years.