Three new ways to view recent earthquakes in the Northwest

To address our users' desire for a simple user interface to view the latest earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, we have just released three features: a new recent events list,  mobile views, and a Twitter feed that will tweet all PNSN events magnitude 2 or greater.

 The new Recent EQ List is viewable under the earthquakes tab.  This link formerly rendered the catalog search page.  The catalog search can still be accessed under Earthquakes => Catalog Search.  The list shows all events that occurred in the last two weeks within the reporting box (red) shown on our maps.

Mobile devices will now redirect to the respective mobile views for the recent list, recent map and all event pages.  The mobile site has only been tested on iOS and Android and should be considered beta.  Please note, this is not a mobile app.  We welcome your feedback on any mobile bugs.

 Our Twitter feed will now broadcast all magnitude 2 and greater PNSN events (located within the authoritative box shown on our maps).  A tiny url to the event page will be included in the tweet.  A tweet will be sent for each new event version for up to two hours after the event.   You can find a link to our Twitter feed at the top right corner of all PNSN pages.

We welcome your  feedback on any of these features.