Sound Transit train under Interlaken keeps a rollin'

Did people also feel what our instrument saw?  After taking the weekend off, noise restarted midday Monday.

Our strong motion sensor below Interlaken Park continues to record shaking. The seismograms that are triggered are posted here. The times of the shaking yesterday and early this morning are 11:58am, 2:02pm, 2:47pm, 4:34pm, 4:49pm, 9:40pm, and 12:37am.  (Pacific Standard Time, PST, is UTC minus 8 hours.)

For example, this jolt at 12:37am (8:37 UTC), just after midnight, peaked with a burst of 0.5% g vertical shaking. The vibration built for 30 seconds beforehand, and continued for 10-20 seconds afterwards.

John and Paul are heading to the big annual geophysics meeting in San Francisco this afternoon, but endless lectures are a good time to keep an eye on PNSN activity!