2012 RAC Meeting Agenda

Complete 2012 RAC Minutes

ANSS-PNW Advisory Committee Meeting             11am – 3pm, May 1st, 2012

11:00  Bill Steele & CB Crouse Introductions and review of agenda.
11:10  John Vidale – general developments, MSH experiment, seafloor deformation workshop, latest M8.6 in Sumatra. - John's Presentation
11:25  Craig Weaver – USGS regional and central planning perspectives.
11:50  Ian Madin (DOGAMI) – Oregon State update of earthquake-related issues.
12:10  John Schelling (Washington EMD) – WS-EMD and Seismic Safety Committee update of earthquake-related issues.
12:30  Tim Walsh – WS-DNR update of earthquake-related issues.
Break, then start lunch (boxed lunches provided), work while eating
1:15  Bill Steele – Outreach
1:20  John Vidale Earthquake Early Warning: $2M Moore Foundation proposal was funded to create prototype to provide early warning of M9 events on the coast to a few companies.  Hiring new geodesy faculty member at UW, some instrumentation, coordination. - John's Presentation
1:50  Paul Bodin Network status – Seattle liquefaction array, Hanford network evolution, AQMS, NSMP collaboration, web site, performance standards, telemetry reconfiguration.  Netquakes progress – Portland, densification around Seattle. - Paul's Presentation
2:20  John Vidale (for Art Frankel) – Hazard workshop, M9 simulation.
2:45  CB Crouse – Follow-up on issues unresolved, action item listing.
Action Items from last year
1.  Keep RAC informed of Moore Foundation result.
2.  Publicize roll out of new PNSN web site.
3.  Ask Vicki to help put together an Oregon instrumentation meeting
Potential action items for this year
1.  Opinions on coastal strong motion stations according to Moore plan.
2.  General feedback on Moore EEW plans.
3.  Issue of retaining Cascadia Initiative stations.
4.  Newberry geothermal and importance of monitoring and magnitudes
5.  Dissing of regional web pages
6.  Planning in the face of potential large budget fluctuactions