A PNW blog on earthquakes

A PNW blog on earthquakes

November 30, 2011

by John Vidale

Why are we prattling about earthquakes and their implications for the Pacific Northwest on our new website?

Thank you for asking.  We'd like to provide a forum to present and discuss the earthquakes and seismology in a way that the PNSN and other services now do poorly.  There is a rising expectation of accurate, easily found, and fast delivery of information.  In addition, the PNSN's historical approach of posting of static tables and reports can be numbingly turgid.

The potential usefulness of informal reports and discussions has been demonstrated by multi-faceted debates on global warning and the frequent dramatization and over-simplification of complex scientific discoveries.

So we're putting the quirky experts at the PNSN at your disposal in the Seismoblog.

Comments are welcome; our thin-skinned and ruthless moderators are being held in reserve.  Feel free to post questions and comments on the news articles here as well.

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