Native American Stories Resouces

The following are the links to other sources and web pages related to the Pacific Northwest Indian earthquake and tsunami legends. Check these out and learn more about the Native American cultures and stories!

American Museum of Natural History Page:
Items related to the Native American Stories can be found in the artifact collection – The North American Ethnographic Collection.

Audio Story – The Klallam Flood Story
This page has the audio recording of Edward Sampson, one of the Klallam elders, telling the story in Klallam – from linguist Timothy Montler

The Burke Museum Ethnology Page:
The Burke Museum of the University of Washington provides information and collections of Native American art and artifacts. You can explore ethnology collections and research online from the Burke Ethnology Collections Database.

The Burke's Tribes of Washington State:
This page provides the list of tribes in Washington State and the map of tribal locations from the Governor’s Office Indian Affairs.

Canadian Museum of Civilization Page:
Exhibitions of Native American Collections

Connections Across Cultures Page:
Provides images and description of art from the Yoruba of SW Nigeria, Nations of the Northwest Coast of North America, and the Island of New Guinea.

Edward S. Curtis's "The North American Indian" Photographic Images:
This page provides more than 2000 high quality digital graphics or photographic images of all published Curtis Volumes from the Northwestern University Library.

The Flury & Company Ltd. Gallery Page:
This page has Edward Sheriff Curtis‘s photographs of Native American in the Northwest Coast and Alaska.

Ghosts of Tsunamis Past:
An article from American Museum of Natural History website talks about the study of tsunamis.

Native American Story “Run to High Ground” Video:
The Washington State / Local Tsunami Workgroup, the Washington State Military Department EM Division, and the Provincial Emergency Program of British Columbia in association with Global Net Productions presents Run To High Ground, an animated story of a giant earthquake and tsunami – loosely based on actual events from 1700 in the Pacific Northwest. This story is told by a Native storyteller Viola Riebe of the Hoh tribe.

Sourcebook: Whittling for a Living (1994):
A sourcebook on the work of the Namgis artist Doug Cranmer

Thunderbird Park Online Exhibition Page:
The Royal BC Museum’s Thunderbird Park Online Exhibition provides information and images of the Thunderbird Park in British Columbia.

UW Libraries' Digital Collections of PNW Indians:
The University of Washington Libraries provides digital collections on the Pacific Northwest Indians.